Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF)

Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF). The MDF was the winner of Hungary’s first democratic election after the fall of communism in 1990. A conservative party, which, like Fidesz, flirted with nationalism, the party suffered during its first term from the unpopularity of the decisions which had to be made to shift Hungary into a market economy.

The MDF was surpassed by Fidesz as Hungary’s dominant centre-right party, in 1994, after a term in office. Between 1998 and 2002, the MDF served as a junior coalition partner to Fidesz.

The party was victim to various attempts by Fidesz at either a merger or to take its electorate. In the end, scandals, infighting and poor party finances killed the party however. The 2009 European elections were its last hurrah, the party failed to reach parliament in 2010, it dissolved in 2011 and was replaced by the Democratic Community of Welfare and Freedom party which has negligible support. Its MEP, Lajos Bokros, formed a new liberal-conservative party called the Modern Hungary Movement (MoMa). Yet again, MoMa has negligible. They did not run in this year’s general election because they did not want to split the anti-Fidesz vote and are backing the Unity Alliance in exchange for constitutional and electoral reforms.

Shortly before its dissolution in 2009 the MDF moved from the European People’s Party to the European Conservatives and Reformists where Bokros still sits. With a record of 92.7% loyalty, MoMa is the fifth most loyal member of the ECR.


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