The Greens (DG)

The Greens (DG). Luxembourg has one of Europe’s strongest Green parties. The first Greens were elected to the Luxembourg parliament in 1984. The party subsequently split into a left wing and a right wing for the 1989 election, with each winning two seats, before the two once again merged.

The Luxembourg Greens generally win between 9% and 12% in national elections and the party has been the fourth largest party in Luxembourg since 2004.

The party is generally left-liberal in orientation, combining the usual green concern for environmental issues with strong stances on democratic reform. The party proposes term limits for ministers, lowering the voting age to 16, allowing resident foreigners to vote in national elections, a stronger legislature and an ethics charter for politicians and public officials. The party tends to oppose tax hikes (possibly because its electorate is very middle class) but does favour things like free day-care, and keeping wage hikes linked to Luxembourg’s cost of living index.

The party is currently participating in its first national government, with the LSAP and DP, but has participated in governments at a local level. For instance it is the second party in Xavier Bettel’s Luxembourg City administration.

Like most Luxembourg parties, the Greens are very pro-European.

The Greens’ MEP has an above average loyalty to the Green/EFA at 98.3% loyalty.


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