50PLUS. 50Plus is a pensioner’s interests party (hence it is a party for people who are 50 years old, plus).

Pensioners interests party enjoyed a short presence in parliament in the 1990s, but soon fell out. 50Plus was founded and is led by Jan Nagel, a former Labour Party politician, who has been involved in several parties since 1993, including Liveable Netherlands, the party which launched Pim Fortuyn’s career (Fortuyn was ejected from the party for his views, however).

As a single issue party, 50PLUS predominantly promotes tax and benefit changes designed to help the elderly. The party has found a surprisingly sizeable constituency. It has previously polled over 15%, and ahead of parties like Labour, the CDA and D66 at times. The party is currently polling at around 3-4%, on which figures it is likely to win a seat in the European Parliament.

50PLUS’ views on Europe seem to be broadly sceptical.

It is unclear what group, if any, 50Plus might join after the European elections.