Party for the Animals (PvdD)

Party for the Animals (PvdD). The PvdD is the world’s first animal rights party to hold seats in their national parliament, holding 2 seats.

The PvdD is pretty much a single issue party – it is predominantly in favour of animal rights and encourages vegetarianism. The party has few other positions but generally leans towards the green left. It is moderately Eurosceptic. The party’s leader Marianne Thieme is a member of the Seventh Day Adventists and has declared that Adam and Eve were vegetarian and that human beings only began to eat meat after ‘the fall’. Her 2004 book The Century of the Animal draws a line from slavery through women’s liberation to animal rights.

The party call be considered a testimonial party – it does not seek power per se, but merely to use parliament as a platform for its views.

The party has a strong base in some urban areas such as Amsterdam and could win a seat in the European parliament if it can get around 4% of the vote, which is not out of the question in a low turnout election.

If the PvdD succeeds in winning a seat it is most likely to join the European Green Party.