Christian Democratic Movement (KDH)

Christian Democratic Movement (KDH). The KDH was originally Slovakia’s largest centre-right party and a key component in the opposition to the Meciar regime. The party led the Slovak Democratic Coalition to victory in 1998 but its leader, the new premier Mikulas Dzurinda, created the SDKU-DS.

With the subsequent fall from grace of the SDKU-DS in recent years, the KDH is, once again, the largest centre-right party in a very fragmented field. Indeed the party could easily be overtaken from this position by losing just 0.5% of the vote.

The KDH is a Christian democratic party. Ideologically it does not substantially differ from the SDKU-DS except that it is perhaps a more religious party. Hence it tends to be more centrist on the economy but holds a stronger line on law and order, is more socially conservative, and brought down the 1998-2006 government over an argument over the content of a treaty with the Vatican.

The KDH has managed to escape being tainted with corruption so far, hence part of its current popularity.

The KDH is very pro-European. Its current leader, Jan Figel, served as Slovakia’s European Commissioner between 2004 and 2009.

The KDH is yet another member of the European People’s Party from Slovakia. The KDH shows a more independent line from the EPP than the SDKU-DS or the SMK but is nonetheless a relatively loyal party with 97.9% loyalty.