Civic List (DL)

Civic List (DL). Civic List is one of two parties which were formed just before the 2011 election and subsequently performed well in that election.

Civic List was formed by Gregor Virant, and was initially named ‘Gregor Virant’s Civic List’. Virant had served as a senior civil servant under both centre-left and centre-right governments. He ran on the list of SDS in 2004, and subsequently became Minister of Public Administration, a position created just for him, even though he never actually joined the party. Virant was charged with reforming the civil service, something he had had a good record on in the service. Virant was often ranked as the most popular minister and one of the most popular politicians in Slovenia in this period.

Virant formed his party in in 2011. The party is broadly technocratic and liberal in a sort of Mario Monti, Financial Times, sort of way. It focuses on trimming the state in an ‘intelligent way’ and on new technologies like e-government. In power it has broadly supported reformist policies and austerity measures.

Virant has familial connections to both left and right parties in Slovenia. His father-in-law is a MEP for the SDS, whereas his cousin is married to the Positive Slovenia party leader Zoran Jankovic.

The party initially formed a government with the SDS, but revelations about corruption in the conservative party led Virant to pull the plug on the government.

Controversially he then went into coalition with Positive Slovenia and the Social Democrats rather than allowing an early election to be called. The party now polls very poorly. A seat is not impossible, but highly unlikely.

If the party does, somehow, win a seat, it is likeliest to join the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.