Democratic Party of Pensioners (DeSUS)

Democratic Party of Pensioners (DeSUS). Many countries have a pensioners’ interest party, but Slovenia’s DeSUS is perhaps the most successful, in terms of election results, cabinet participation and longevity.

The party holds centrist views, focused on social justice but is principally focused on pensioners’ issues.

The party has a highly stable and loyal support base, and joins governments of both left and right in order to further its agenda. DeSUS is often the ‘hinge party’ in the Slovene system – the party which most often gets to choose which coalition governs.

The party’s views on Europe are broadly supportive, and in line with its core issue its primary thoughts on the EU appear to be that it should spend more money on older people.

The party has never elected a MEP before. Polls suggest it is unlikely to, but it can’t be ruled out. If DeSUS does it is totally unclear which European group it is most likely to join.