Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR)

Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR). The UDMR is the primary representative of Romania’s sizeable Hungarian minority (around 6.5% of the population).

Technically the UDMR is an alliance of multiple Hungarian forces, but in reality it is predominantly dominated by the liberal-conservative faction.

Nonetheless, the party’s primary issue is protecting the Hungarian minority and its primary issue is the widening of the use of the Hungarian language and decentralisation of power downwards. As Hungarians are predominantly located in the Centre and West of Romania territorial autonomy would provide Hungarians with a great amount of local power.

The party is basically willing to go into coalition with anyone in exchange for the protection of the Hungarian minority. The party was part of every government between 1996 and 2012, and is, once again, part of government since early 2014.

The party’s support is small, but stable and very loyal. It also turns out in a higher volume than the ethnic Romanian population. This can be seen in the 2009 European result where the party won a noticeably higher percentage of the vote than there are ethnic Hungarians in the country.

The party is pro-European in orientation, and puts a great deal of priority on European integration.

The party is a member of the European People’s Party. It is less loyal to the group than fellow EPP member, the PDL, but at 98.1% is still one of the EPP’s most loyal members.


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  1. How interested is the UDMR in ‘autonomia’ for northern Romania? And when?
    I am a Szekely by marriage to a Szekely Hungarian lady from Csikszereda. We live in the town with our own family of 3 children. I am from England and have been permanently resident here for the last 25 years.
    I am a retired Science teacher who came here on the Aid movement in 1981 and have been actively engaged in such work since I arrived. I am also a mathematician who has had to study the international economic situation for the last 10 years or more in preparation for buying our own house here.
    I have a ‘proposal’ for your association which could help to bring autonomia nearer if I could talk to the right people both in northern Romania and in Hungary. but I don’t think an open blog is the right place to discuss it. Would you like to reach me in a reply?

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