List Verjamem (LV)

List Verjamem (LV, literal translation: ‘List “I believe”’). List Verjamem is a new party founded by Igorja Soltesa, the former head of the Slovene Court of Auditors.

Getting information about Verjamem is exceedingly difficult. For one thing, the party currently lacks a website. Its only web presence appears to be a twitter feed with eight tweets.

Despite this, the party seems to have fairly youthful activists, and is polling well – in third place.

The party appears to be broadly left-leaning and anti-austerity. It is seemingly slightly Eurosceptic but in favour of democratising Europe, describing the current situation as one where Slovenia is merely ‘executors of Brussels’ policies’ and says that if elected the party will aim to ‘co-create’ policy and be ‘visible in representing the interests of citizens’.

Speculation seems to suggest that Verjamem is most likely to join the European United Left on election.