Most-Hid. Most-Hid’s name is composed of the Hungarian and Slovak words for ‘bridge’.

The party emerged as a split from the Party of the Hungarian Coalition (as it was then). The SMK’s former leader, Bela Bugar, and several other prominent MPs left the party because of what they saw as its radical approach to Hungarian nationalism.

Most-Hid was therefore supposed to be a party which sought to promote inter-ethnic cooperation.

The party has become the predominant party amongst ethnic Hungarians, but around a third of its electorate appears to be ethnically Slovak and it has several prominent ethnically Slovak members. After the SMK fell out of parliament in 2010, Most-Hid has become the only representative of ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia’s parliament.

Like the SMK, the party generally promotes liberal-conservative policy otherwise and it was in the centre-right government between 2010 and 2011.

The party is pro-European, and a member of the European People’s Party like most Slovakian parties!