New Slovenia (NSi) & Slovenian People’s Party (SLS)

New Slovenia (NSi) & Slovenian People’s Party (SLS). This year two of Slovenia’s smaller centre-right parties are running a joint list.

The SLS is the older of the two parties. The party was formed as the first non-communist political organisation in the former Yugoslavia. The party originally adopted a populist, nationalist ideology, but eventually came to embrace a more moderate conservative and Christian democratic positioning. The party has an agrarian base and strongly promotes rural issues.

The party later had the Slovene Christian Democrats merge into it, with Andrej Bajuk of the Christian democrats eventually becoming PM in a SLS government. Yet disagreements with his fellow party members led Bajuk and his more economically centrist, socially conservative wing to form New Slovenia. New Slovenia is known for its outspoken socially conservative positions and current leader Ljudmila Novak has referred to attempts to allow same-sex couples to adopt as ‘abuse’ of the right of children to a traditional nuclear family.

The two parties are broadly fairly similar, more socially conservative than the SDS but more economically centrist and broadly pro-European.

The joint list is polling well for the European elections, in a close second to the SDS in most polls.

Both parties are members of the European People’s Party, but only the NSi currently has a MEP. The party is much noticeably less loyal than the SDS, but still broadly above average in terms of loyalty at 97.4% loyalty.