Party of the Hungarian Community (SMK)

Party of the Hungarian Community (SMK). Formerly known as the Party of the Hungarian Coalition, the SMK has historically tended to be the dominant party amongst Slovakia’s Hungarian community.

The party tends to prioritise, as its name suggests, the needs of ethnic Hungarians first and foremost and otherwise has a fairly liberal-conservative ideology.

The party suffered a damaging split in 2009 when the party’s former leader, Bela Bugar, walked out of the party and formed Most-Hid. Bugar accused the SMK of being too radical and nationalistic, and of serving to widen the divide between Slovaks and Hungarians.

Most-Hid surpassed the SMK and the original party barely missed out on seats in the 2010 national election (4.3%) and in 2012 (4.2%). Polls suggest that the party may be able to just about retain a MEP this year, however.

The SMK is pro-European.

The SMK is the second member of the European People’s Party in Slovakia and the second most loyal Slovak party and in the entire EPP group, voting with it 99.1% of the time.