People’s Movement Party (PMP)

People’s Movement Party (PMP). The PMP is a new party formed from a splinter in the PDL.

The PMP is formed around those PDL politicians who retain total loyalty to Traian Basescu. While Basescu, as President, is constitutionally barred from being a member of a political party, it is very clearly identified with him, and Basescu was controversially photographed wearing a PMP t-shirt recently. Basescu had backed, for the leadership of the party, Elena Udrea, his former regional development and tourism minister who is said to be his close confidante. Udrea failed in her bid for leadership of the PDL, losing to Vasile Blaga, the party’s former Senate President who desired a more independent line from Basescu.

The party also includes figures such as his very loyal former Prime Minister, Emil Boc, his daughter, the MEP Elena Basescu and several other former cabinet ministers.

The party’s ideology, such as it exists, is of loyalty to President Basescu. On joining the party, Elena Udrea stated that “The voice of the opposition is the voice of Traian Basescu.” She critiqued the PDL for its supposed lack of willingness to back a united right around Basescu.

The party is thus broadly pro-European, economically liberal, socially conservative, moderately nationalist and anti-establishment.

The party remains in the European People’s Party.