People’s Party Our Slovakia (L’SNS)

People’s Party Our Slovakia (L’SNS). The L’SNS is a minor extreme right party.

The party’s support is low, but it caused a storm in late 2013 when its most prominent member, Marian Kotleba, won election as governor for the Banksa Bystrica region of Slovakia, defeating a Smer MEP in the second round with 55% of the vote on a turnout of only 17%.

Upon his victory, the Economist described him as “a neo-Nazi”. He enjoys little real power, however, as Smer control a majority on the regional council.

Kotleba has a history of wearing the uniform of the 1930s and 1940s Slovak fascist movement and used to praise Slovakia’s WWII era collaborationist government. While he has stopped this, seemingly in an attempt to soften his own image, he retains far-right views.

Kotleba’s primary issue is objection to Roma who he describes as “parasites”.

Kotleba’s win has given the party some notable attention and increased its support. It lies just below the threshold in polls, but low turnout could once again allow it to win representation.

The party is most likely to find itself alone in the European parliament if it wins seats.