Slovak National Party (SNS)

Slovak National Party (SNS). The SNS is a controversial far-right party.

The party claims to be a socialist and nationalist party with an ideology based on European Christian values.

However it is generally described as ultra-nationalist and right-wing extremist. It has been described by the Party of European Socialists as a party which “incites or attempts to stir-up racial or ethnic prejudices and racial hatred” and the party’s comments on Hungarians and Roma have often been seen as racist.

The party’s longtime, but since 2013, now ex-leader, Jan Slota, has made many controversial statements, including threatening to role tanks into Budapest, referred to medieval Hungarians as “Mongoloid types with crooked legs and even more disgusting horses” suggesting that they were ‘civilised’ by Slovaks. He has referred to Hungarians as a “tumour in the body of the Slovakian nation”. He stated that 70% of Roma were criminals and suggested the best policy for dealing with them was a “long whip in a small yard”.

The party has been accused of fascism and of attempting to rehabilitate the country’s WWII collaborationist leader Jozef Tiso.

For going into coalition with Slota and the SNS in 2006, Smer was temporarily suspended from the Party of European Socialists.

The party has been losing support for some time, not so much for its extremism, however, so much as for its corruption. Slota is known to own an incredibly expensive brand new Bentley, far beyond what one would expect him to be able to afford considering his known salary. He also has a controversial criminal history.

The party has suffered from infighting and Slota was removed as leader in 2013 due to “inefficient management of the property of the party.” The party also has to deal with new competition in the form of the similarly right-wing extremist L’SNS. Nonetheless, the party retains just about enough support that a seat in the European Parliament is not out of the question.

The SNS is a member of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group. The party maintains 63.4% loyalty to the incoherent group.