Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS)

Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS). The SDS is Slovenia’s main centre-right party.

Originally a centre-left party, the party moved progressively rightwards under its leader Janez Jansa and received some support from the Catholic Church.

The party is a fairly typical European conservative party. The party is broadly pro-market and socially conservative. Despite this the SDS has assumed several more liberal positions, however. The party introduced civil unions for same-sex couples in power, for instance.

The party became the first party other than the LDS to win an election since 1992 in 2004.

The SDS, and its leader, Jansa, have been somewhat tainted by association with corruption. Jansa is accused of taking bribes from a Finnish weapons company in 2008.

Jansa once again became PM in 2012, but the spectre of corruption once again raised itself with Slovenia’s independent Commission for the Prevention of Corruption suggesting that Jansa purchased property with co-funding from a major government contractor. The Commission reported that Jansa had repeatedly failed to properly report his assets. As such his government fell only to be replaced by a centre-left one. Jansa was subsequently was subsequently jailed for two years.

Jansa still appears to be party leader. His party is incredibly loyal to him.

The party is pro-European.

The SDS is a member of the European People’s Party. At 99.0% loyalty it is the third most loyal member party of the EPP.