Slovenian National Party (SNS)

Slovenian National Party (SNS).  The SNS is Slovenia’s far-right and populist party.

Like other far-right parties in former Communist Europe the party’s ideology is an odd combination of nationalism combined with sympathy for the former Yugoslavia (known in the Balkans as ‘Yugonostalgia’). The party’s leader, Zmago Jelincic Plemeniti served as an informant for the Yugoslav state security agency.

The SNS particularly objects to immigration from other Balkan states, and has previously suggested sealing the border with Croatia.

While the party is highly socially conservative it, oddly, dislikes the Catholic Church, Slovenia’s dominant religion.

The party fell out of the national parliament in 2011. Nonetheless, while most polls have shown the party on low scores, one showed it on 12.1%, so a SNS MEP cannot be ruled out, though it seems unlikely.

The SNS is not a member of any European political party or group. If it wins a MEP it is likeliest they will join Marine Le Pen’s European Alliance for Freedom grouping.