The New Majority (NOVA)

The New Majority (NOVA). NOVA is a new party formed by two MPs Daniel Lipsic (who serves as leader) and Jan Zitnanska in 2012.

The party broadly appears to have populist attitudes towards the political system, seeking the direct election of judges, a new constitution and direct democracy. It is fond of e-government and wants to see the internet used to connect with citizens.

It is economically liberal and wants to eliminate bureaucracy in public services.

NOVA broadly appears similar to the other centre-right parties already on offer. Polls currently show it below the threshold, but it is not out of the question that it could win a MEP.

The party appears to be broadly pro-European. It opposes a Federal Europe but also opposes EU break-up and viewing the priority as to democratise the EU and change it institutionally.

NOVA seems most likely to join either the European People’s Party or the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe if elected.