Zares – Social Liberals

Zares – Social Liberals (‘zares’ is Slovene for ‘indeed’ but is usually left untranslated). Zares is the vehicle of Gregor Golobic.

A former secretary-general of the LDS, Golobic had been a close advisor to long-time LDS Premier Drnovsek. Zares was formed, in essence as a split from the LDS’s more left-leaning wing. The party combines left-liberal, social democratic and pro-European themes in its ideology.

The party was initially highly successful and very popular, but in government it was tarnished as it was revealed that Golobic had been less than fully honest about his business interests. This led to infighting with the other major figure in Zares, Matej Lahovnik, the Minister for the Economy who had performed the same duty under the LDS. Lahovnik eventually left the party.

Tainted by infighting and corruption, Zares has also collapsed, just like its former party the LDS. Like the LDS its support is now negligible.

Like the LDS, Zares is a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. It has above average loyalty to the group of 96.2%.