Coalition for Europe (CEU)

Coalition for Europe (CEU). The CEU is an electoral alliance of regionalist parties which forms for European elections.

The alliance typically contains more centrist and centre-right regionalist parties and this year it contains:

Convergence and Union (CiU), which is the dominant Catalan regionalist grouping. CiU has been the largest party in every election, in the Catalan autonomous parliament, since its formation. CiU is actually composed of two parties itself, Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (CDC), a broadly right-wing liberal party, and the Democratic Union of Catalonia (UDC), a Christian democratic party.

The CiU has typically tended to be a home for moderate Catalans of both a regionalist and separatist flavour, but under regional Premier, Artur Mas, it has become more separatist in orientation, responding to the increase in Catalan nationalism since 2008.

The second party is the Basque National Party (PNV), the dominant Basque Nationalist force. Like the CiU it has dominated Basque politics as a centrist, Christian Democratic force and has been the largest party in every Basque parliament since its creation. It has only suffered one term in opposition locally, between 2009 and 2013, when the PSOE and People’s Party acted together to keep it from power.

Other parties are the Canarian Coalition, a liberal party from the Canary Islands and Compromise for Galicia, a new centrist Galician force.

The parties in the coalition are generally pro-European and centrist to centre-right.

Of the alliance’s three current MEPs, two currently sit in the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, and the third sits in the European People’s Party. The first ALDE member is from the CDC wing of the CiU, and the other is from the PNV, which is affiliated to the centrist European Democratic Party which operates in coalition with ALDE. The PNV may switch to the European People’s Pary post-election. The CDC has a 93.6%, slightly below average, loyalty to ALDE, whereas the PNV is one of ALDE’s least loyal members with 89.4% loyalty. The EPP member of the group is from the UDC wing of the CiU and has a 95.5% loyalty to its group, slightly below average.