The People Decide (LPD)

The People Decide (LPD). LPD is the final electoral alliance this year. It is a left-wing regionalist coalition composed of parties affiliated to the European Free Alliance.

The coalition consists of parties which were members of the Europe of the Peoples coalition in 2009. The first of its two major components is Bildu, itself a left-wing coalition from the Basque Country that has increasingly challenged the Basque National Party’s traditional dominance over the region. Bildu is controversial outside the Basque Country due to its alleged links to ETA.

The coalition also includes Galicia’s dominant nationalist force, the Galician Nationalist Bloc.

LPD currently has a single MEP in the European Parliament, a member of Aralar, a member of Bildu. Aralar votes alongside the Greens/EFA group 94.2% of the time, though as this group is so cohesive this still makes it the fifth least loyal party.