Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD)

Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD). The UPyD is the most recent entrant into Spanish national politics, being founded in 2007.

The party originates in the Basque country, in anti-ETA organisations. Its key issue is opposition to nationalism, predominantly sub-state nationalism though it also has objections to Spanish nationalism.

The party wishes to see Spain become a federal state. They argue that Spain’s extreme decentralisation has weakened individual rights throughout Spain.

The party is rigidly secularist, and declares itself to be neither left nor right. It is, broadly, social liberal and progressive.

The party has seen its support grow rapidly since its foundation. It won 4.7% of the vote at the 2011 election and now polls in the medium to high single-digits at between 5% and 9%.

The party is the most pro-European in Spain, and supports a federal Europe, which it sees as an important guarantor of individual rights.

The party currently does not sit in a European political group, but is widely expected to join the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe after this year’s election.