Green Party (MP)

Green Party (MP, a more direct translation would be ‘Green Environmental Party’).

Sweden’s Green Party has been a presence on the national scene since 1988.

The party is fairly typical for a green party, prioritising feminism, anti-nuclear power and climate change views. The party’s base is amongst students, young people, and the well-educated.

The party backed the Social Democrat minority government between 1994 and 2006 but is now hungrier for power. It has sought to gain access to be a future coalition partner for the Social Democrats, who have never shared power before.

The party is perhaps the Swedish party most willing to ‘work across the aisle’ and has helped the minority Alliance government to pass legislation and aligned with the centre-right parties in some local governments.

The party is broadly considered to be the most moderate of the centre-left parties, and could be considered as left-liberal in orientation.

Unlike most Green parties the Swedish Greens maintain a Eurosceptic tilt. They were in favour of withdrawal until 2006, and still favour reductions in power as they prefer decentralisation.

The party came third at the 2010 general election and is once again polling in third place with between 10% and 15% support.

Due to this the party is the least loyal member of the European Green Party proper, voting with its group only 87.7% of the time. The only group members with lower scores are in the European Free Alliance part of the Greens/EFA group.