Liberal People’s Party (FP)

Liberal People’s Party (FP). Often known just as the ‘People’s Party’ the FP is Sweden’s main liberal party.

The party’s ideology is predominantly social liberal, advocating a strong welfare state but high personal freedom in most other regards.

It is predominantly known for being particularly attached to globalisation, supporting, as it does, Sweden’s most pro-American, pro-European and pro-Israel views. It has historically been Sweden’s most pro-immigration party but has recently begun to be accused for taking a more populist positioning due to its advocacy of language tests for migrants and other integrationist views.

The party is also a big advocate for foreign aid, and has a liberal feminist slant.

Education is also a vitally important policy area for the party.

Its base is primarily amongst highly educated urban liberals.

The party formed the primary opposition to the Social Democrats in the 1950s. The party almost came second again in 2002, due to a poor performance by the Moderates and a good one by the People’s Party. The party is currently the second largest party in the governing coalition in which it holds the education, integration, and EU affairs ministries.

The party is perhaps the most pro-European in Sweden.

The Liberal People’s Party is a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. It maintains a relatively average loyalty to its group at 93.9%. Nonetheless, this makes it one of the most loyal Swedish parties.