Pirate Party (PP)

Pirate Party (PP). The Pirates caused something of an international sensation when they broke through in 2009 to take two seats.

The party is the originator of the international Pirate Party movement. The party’s predominant issues are opposition to copyright law and in favour of rights on the internet. It was pro-internet filesharing and has close links to the notorious Swedish torrent website the Pirate Bay.

The party also seeks expanded civil rights, and wishes for a right to privacy to be inserted into the Swedish constitution.

Otherwise the party attempts to be neutral on issues of left and right. Of its two MEPs Christian Engstrom is a former Liberal People’s Party member and could therefore be considered to be, broadly, on the centre-right, whereas Amelia Andersdotter is a supporter of the left-wing French tax reform organisation ATTAC, and the left-wing Swedish publishing house Ordfront.

The party has recently begun to broaden out its views, however, but initial beliefs seem vague.

The party was lucky in 2009 as the European elections seemed the best outlet for a protest against a recent crackdown on the Pirate Bay. Many viewed the PP as doomed for this election, therefore, without an issue on which to hang its hat and gain publicity. However, as it has closed on election day, the Pirates have climbed up the polls and they may be able to save a seat.

The party chose to join the European Green Party in 2009, viewing them as the best on its key online issues. Despite the fact that it is not a green party, the Pirates maintain a higher loyalty to their group than the Swedish Greens! The Pirates vote alongside their group 97.2% of the time, slightly below average for the group.