British National Party (BNP)

British National Party (BNP). The BNP is a far-right party.

The party is led by Nick Griffin, and has a reputation as racist. The party banned non-white membership until forced by court to open up membership rules.

The party has been accused of fascism and supports voluntary expatriation of ethnic minorities.

The party won significant support in some local areas prior to 2009, and reached its peak when it won two MEPs including Griffin.

The party has been in crisis since then. Soon after his election Griffin appeared on the BBC TV show Question Time. The appearance was a disaster for Griffin who performed incredibly poorly on the show.

The party had also been tied up by court cases by Griffin’s actions and the party was allegedly threatened by bankruptcy. Griffin’s leadership was challenged by his fellow MEP, Andrew Brons, who lost by nine votes. Shortly thereafter Griffin and Brons apparently ceased to speak.

The party has haemorrhaged activists, including Brons and has seen its council base devastated. A large portion of its voters have moved to UKIP, finding a more ‘acceptable’ expression of their anger.

The party will not be returning any MEPs.

The BNP is not a member of any European political party.