Scottish National Party (SNP)

Scottish National Party (SNP). The SNP is a Scottish separatist party.

The party won a majority of seats in the Scottish parliament in 2011 and hence forms the Scottish government.

The party traditionally tried to avoid questions of left and right, but moved clearly to the left in the early 80s. In recent years it has moved closer to the centre, though it still broadly claims to be a social democratic party. Nonetheless, the SNP’s base is actually diverse and takes in large numbers of former Conservative Party voters. The party has begun very good at pointing in different directions in different areas. The party is also widely seen as the most competent in Scotland.

The SNP is the Scottish party with the most even vote distribution, meaning it tends to do well amongst all demographics, but it is generally more popular in rural, more Northern areas.

The SNP is a broadly pro-European party, though it has complaints about the Common Fisheries Policy.

The party may very well be able to gain a third seat in the European Parliament this year.

The SNP is a member of the European Free Alliance. Like most members of the EFA, the party takes a somewhat more independent line from the Greens/EFA group, holding the third least loyal position at 85.2%.