The Democratic Society are holding an unconference about open policymaking in Europe on 16th October in Brussels!


This is an event for those both from inside and outside of government who are interested in making policy in an open way, want to look at new ways that this can be done and develop new ideas. The participants will be creating the agenda, will decide the focus, what happens and when. Participants can talk about their own open policy making projects or potential new ones, simply sit and listen, or come together with people working at the forefront of opening up the policy and decision making process.

This year the Democratic Society will be at EuroPCom, the European Conference on Public Communication, where Anthony Zarchzewski (Demsoc Director) will be discussing strategies, tools and trends in involving citizens in public dialogue and allowing them to contribute to all stages of policy making in From the Street to the Cloud.

Following on from the EuroPCom conference the Democratic Society are holding an unconference about open policymaking in Europe.

Making policy in an open way is very different way of making policy. It is about including the wisdom of those outside government right through the process. The democratic sector and progressive Governments and Institutions are working together to break new ground in how this can, could, and will be done now and in future decades.

The unconference will:

  • Bring together people from within the EU institutions and member states who are working in or with government on initiatives to open up the policy and decision making process.
  • Seed a network of “positive deviants” who can get support from each other to spread culture change through the organisation.
  • Create a few small interesting projects for the network to take forward.
  • Connect EU institutions with the people delivering the best examples of work in a highly informal, self-directed way.

The event is from 1345 to 1800 on Thursday 16th October at the Committee of the Regions, 1000 Brussels
. It is open to everyone and you can book a free place here. We hope to see you there.




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