3 replies on “Digital Democracy Potentialism: A Speech for the Speaker’s Digital Democracy Commission”

  1. I agree with all of this but it’s very important to realise that the majority of detailed policy isn’t written by elected officials. Ministers will create the broad-strokes but it will always be civil service policy units that fill in the details.

    Perhaps the real question should be how are individual departments doing in terms of opening up their policy making units. Having some kind of maturity model for organisational policy engagement would be excellent. It’s also unhelpful that each department uses different methodologies, cloud based systems, data standards, and publication rules for their consultations. Finally, I’m informed that many departments don’t record demographic data from their respondents meaning there is no way of knowing whether low-respondent groups (according to the Hansard Society and Parliament Constitution Committee) such as younger voters and those in social groups D and E are taking part.

    The Cabinet Office Open Policy team is starting to make some inroads here but some political commitment from all parties going into the next election related to unifying the consultation process and making it more transparent would be excellent.

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