Democratic or diplomatic

Janan Ganesh’s new briefing paper for Open Europe summarises his case as a “reluctant European” for staying in the EU. He is clearly also a reluctant democrat as he says (in the summary)

while the EU would ideally be more open and democratic, that will not necessarily serve [the UK’s] interests, and may indeed harm them

This goes to the heart of the future development of the EU. Will it stay a world of diplomatic deals, with plastic Metternichs negotiating over “interests”, or will it shift to something more open and democratic, the European level in a networked democracy?

No-one argues that we are close to a democratic European politics, but unless we make a decision to push towards it, the EU will become stuck in nation-state arm-wrestling – and will end up being swamped by the next wave of democratic reform.


Published by Anthony Zacharzewski

Anthony Zacharzewski was one of the founders of Demsoc in 2006. Before starting work for Demsoc in 2010, he was a Whitehall civil servant and a local government officer.

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