Open EU – first two events

With the support of the European Commission, we have launched Open EU: a project that has been funded by the European Commission, so that we can show them how open policymaking can be done in practice. We are creating a shared action plan on opening EU institutions – a collaborative statement of the areas in which experiments could take place, the best standards of openness from around the world, and a clear statement of the expectations of citizens.

We have already begun this process, with two events carried out in Edinburgh last week. The first event took place last Thursday on the 26th of February and was attended by citizens and individuals working in the third sector, and political representatives. Here they came together to describe, debate and collaborate on their preferred approaches to interacting with policymakers at the European level and how to have an influence on how policy is made. They were invited to speak about whether they have ever attempted to have an influence on policy in the past, difficulties they faced when they did and what could be improved in the future, as well as explaining how and where they feel open policymaking is necessary.

The second event took place last Friday on the 27th of February and was attended by policymakers and the democratic sector. This is also where we discussed the issues experienced by those currently trying to represent citizen voice at an institutional level, how they see open policymaking as improving the system and what are the roadblocks that would need to be removed to move forward.

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who came along and have uploaded all of their ideas on to the Open EU discussion space for debate. So, get stuck in and have your say.


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