Help us compile a Democracy reading list

Reading (2)We love discovering new books to read here at Demsoc, and we especially love to discover new books about anything relevant to democracy.

We asked internally for suggestions of some good books – suitable for beginners – that contain discussion about democracy and directly related topics. Below are five of our suggestions. What do you think should be on this list?

We want you to tell us about the books you think are a must-read for someone that is starting to delve into the subject… the books that have influenced the way you think, completely changed your perspective, or those that just have the cold hard facts it’s important to know. We will gather up all of the suggestions and compile a ‘Reading List for Democracy’ that will be released on our website.

Demsoc Picks

Democracy: A History of Ideas by Boris DeWiel

Why We Hate Politics by Colin Hay

People Power: A User’s Guide to Democracy by Dan Jellinek

Why Politics Matters by Gerry Stoker

Pedagogy of Freedom: Ethics, Democracy and Civic Courage by Paulo Friere

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2 replies on “Help us compile a Democracy reading list”

  1. Radical Democracy by C. Douglas Lummis

    The Democratic Imagination by Cairns and Sears

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