Big ideas to transform the economy: participatory budgeting could be the answer

The Democratic Society were invited by the Open Government Network NI to speak at the Festival of Economics in Northern Ireland, on the topic of participatory budgeting. The conference was framed around Big Ideas looking at innovative, challenging and disruptive ideas to transform the economy.

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Big Ideas Festival of Economics

Our Niamh Webster joined economists, experts and politicians in inspiring and engaging workshops. The Democratic Society shared our expertise in participatory budgeting from our experience delivering these projects in the UK, and particularly our experience in Scotland. The session covered the theory behind participatory budgeting, how it works in practice as an economic idea, and looked at successful case studies focusing on recent work in Scotland. The session ended with a full room discussion on how this could work in Northern Ireland, drawing on the different perspectives and experiences of the practitioners, third sector organisations and economists in the public sector.

Here are the slides from the workshop (below).


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The Democratic Society delivers workshops, training and practical advice on participatory budgeting practices and implementation. We have experience working with local councils and other organisations and are happy to explore new opportunities.

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