The OGP is a partnership between national governments and the wider public, working together to develop ways of increasing public participation in government and make government more transparent and accountable. The UK has been involved since 2011, and many other countries in Europe and around the world are too.


So, if this partnership is doing good work, and with the EU facing challenges, perhaps it’s time the EU got involved? Currently you have to be a nation state to join the open government partnership, but there may be ways of it getting involved nonetheless.


We are researching case studies of open government initiatives, including the OGP, within the UK- with project partners looking at initiatives in Estonia and Romania. Looking at what has worked well, and how well this kind of work might be translated to an EU level. We’ll then be using this research to explore whether or not a case exists for the EU to engage with the OGP, and if we conclude that it does, putting forward recommendations for what this might look like.


More information about this project is found on its project page.


Map showing EU countries coloured, with Open Government Partnership members we are studying in red, and other OGP members in dark blue.



Do you have experience of the Open Government Partnership, or have insight into how these activities could work at an EU level? We’d love to hear from you. You could share brief thoughts by email, or tell us about yourself and we may be able to arrange a quick chat by phone or online. Just drop a note to Mat at:




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