We are trying to find out what initiatives are already happening to build greater accountability, participation, and transparency into the work of the EU. We also want to find who the people are within EU institutions that are working on these initiatives, and driving this change. We want to speak to these people about how this kind of work can be better supported – is there a way that learning and progress can be better shared, and innovators within and outside the institutions better linked up?

EU Commission offices
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This is where you may be able to help. If you know of interesting initiatives within the EU institutions, or know people who would be interesting to talk to about their work within the EU institutions then please get in touch. Drop Mat an email on mat@demsoc.org with a few sentences outlining the initiatives or people that you know about. It may also useful for us to have a quick research chat with you, if you would be willing to do this please let us know. Either way it would be very useful to hear from you. We are interested in the full spectrum of EU bodies- from the Commission, to the Council of the EU, down to smaller bodies like the EU Fundamental Rights Agency.

This research is being commissioned by the Open Society European Policy Institute (OSEPI). It builds upon research we previously worked on for them, looking at the work of the Open Government Partnership and whether this approach might be usefully applied to the EU. The culmination of both these phases of research will be a public report that looks at how initiatives to open up EU governance could be better supported and taken forwards. We will also be discussing our findings at a roundtable in Brussels to which OSEPI will be inviting key innovators and advocates for opening up government at an EU level.

Thank you for any information you can share, and we look forward to sharing our findings here in July.