Right in to the danger zone?

Looking at the Networked Councillor report again today I was wondering why I have no discomfort working with politicians of other parties to develop thinking and practice about digital engagement with communities where the report suggests that Councillors prefer to develop within parties rather than across parties. The report talks about Next Generation users of digital tools, […]

Citizens Agenda – making local democracy more relevant

The Pitch – A Citizen’s Agenda Item At City Camp Brighton, I made the winning pitch of a citizens agenda item on the local council meeting agenda. The pitch won and got feedback that this idea would be most likely to create a citywide, sustainable change which benefits people. If you want to see the […]

The Doctor is Out

This post originally appeared on Emma’s personal blog. I have been following this discussion with interest. Probably because I have worked in policy (in the voluntary sector for 15 years) and I am not put off by the title. Could ‘real’ people be interested in the blog posts? I am not sure they would be. Unless […]