It’s time we owned the news

Guest post by Laurie Fitzjohn-Sykes Our politicians have failed to act, but we now have an opportunity with crowdfunding to collectively acquire The Times and The Sunday Times from Rupert Murdoch. We can each make a small investment and at the same time help defend our democracy. This would be an important and achievable step […]

Designing Assembly Membership

By Houda Davis, Involve Over the last Sprint, I have been on a journey through academic and practice literature on deliberative public engagement with a focus on popular assemblies. I have been particularly interested in what NHS Citizen might learn about how to form a broad, inclusive and representative membership, which actively supports participation beyond […]

Linking local, regional and national Patient Voices – Kate Ansell

Guest blog by Kate Ansell (Chairman – West Midlands PV&I Group) As a keen ambassador for Public Voice from people who are actually using our health services – rather than their representatives from various charities and societies – I have been giving some thought to how it might be possible to link the local voice with […]

My 10 things about NHS Citizen

Post from Andrew Brightwell, Public-i This is a quick post with my reflections about NHS Citizen, a project I’m working on at the moment you can find out more about here. 1. NHS Citizen, as well as the NHS, can be better at accessibility: We talked in the assembly session about making information accessible – and […]

Launch Event – NHS Expo

by Emma Daniel from Public-i Today at the NHS Expo 2014 the exciting NHS Citizen model was launched. Interestingly, before the model is finished. The team working with NHS England are working very much in public and in live time. The purpose of the model is to increase accountability to citizens of the NHS England […]

Spotlight on Rio+

–        by Marina Drummond, Rio+ Global Ambassador   From a much-admired starlet, Rio de Janeiro has officially become a diva amongst global cities. Experiencing an extraordinary historical moment of absolute stardom, pampered from every side, Rio was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2012, received a Papal Visit and hosted the FIFA Confederations Cup in […]

Reflections on #NHSCitizen by @rikki_dean

Connecting with existing instituions: civil society organisations There was widespread agreement that the citizens assembly should not replace or compete with existing civil society organisations but connect and complement them. However, there is a tension here in that many of the existing civil society organisations exist to advocate the particular interests of  individual patients or […]