NHS Citizen – going to the next level on mental health services

We’ve been at the NHS Citizen Assembly Stocktake meeting, which is the last event of the first year of NHS Citizen, and although NHS Citizen is still in the design phases, it looks like it’s already starting to make a difference. During the design process, we created a prototype to gather opinions and ideas around […]

Icelandic Government unilaterally drops membership for the EU without consulting Parliament or the people.

As you may have heard, Iceland has dropped their bid to become part of the EU. This isn’t quite right, forgive me, I mean the Icelandic Government has decided to drop the bid. If you find yourself asking how these can be two different things, I understand your confusion. Foreign Minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson has […]

What is happiness and should politics or democracy play a role?

The UK started measuring national wellbeing in 2012, measuring things like health, employment, and satisfaction with family life. However, the question remains as to what ‘happiness’ is, and whether the state plays a role in ensuring the happiness of the nation – after all, if they’re not going to, why should it be measured at […]

“Alright, Comrade, let’s give someone else a chance to speak”

Not that many years ago I thought ‘liberal’ was a dirty word. It was a word that you spat at people who didn’t care enough about ‘the cause’, whatever that might be, to tie their flag to the mast. It was politics of an elite, usually male, balding and writing for the Telegraph who, to […]

Open EU – Bridging the political divide (representatives, policymakers & the democratic sector)

27th February in Edinburgh Open EU is a project that has been funded by the European Commission, so that we can show them how open policymaking can be done in practice. We are creating a shared action plan on opening EU institutions – a collaborative statement of the areas in which experiments could take place, the best […]