Tilly’s reflections on NHS Citizen’s design days in Leeds

Over the course of two days in Leeds the NHS team was joined by a fantastic team of citizens to work through the entire design for NHS Citizen: Discover; Gather; and Assembly. As always this was a huge learning experience for us, I believe we’ve taken some very important steps forward and I have a […]

Reflections on NHS Citizen

This is going to be a brief post from me, my reflections on the experience of the NHS Expo in Manchester, the testing, and the launch of NHS Citizen. Citizens My first thoughts are, and must be, about the citizens who were involved in the process: 1. People have dedicated their time and energy to […]

#NHSCitizen at NHS Board

After the NHS Citizen presence at the Expo, including two events with three of the board members, we’re expecting NHS Citizen to be talked about at the NHS Board meeting tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 9.30 – we’re under item four. We don’t know what they’ll say, whether they’ll be complimentary or critical, but the live […]

Gather Space @ the NHS Expo

During the first of our sessions at the NHS Expo 2014, service users, patient reps, service providers and carers all came together to talk about the issues they believe that NHS Citizen should be talking about. Like our online Gather Space, people came forward to say what they felt NHS Citizen and the NHS England […]

Open Policymaking for Health: NHS Citizen

The Government are creating a Citizen Assembly within NHS England, so that health policy can be shaped and guided by citizens’ voice. NHS Citizen will be a complete system that will listen to citizens via online and offline channels, curate conversation and debate, pulling in evidence, and formal bi-annual assemblies that will produce formal reports for […]

Switzerland, the ideal democracy?

Arjen Nijeboer, Dutch Journalist and political consultant, has been pondering the possibilities and problems with liquid democracy and claims that the answer lies elsewhere – in the initiative and referendum system in Switzerland. Switzerland functions as a representative democracy up to a point, if a petition is signed by 100,000 Swiss citizens saying that they […]