What is the place of ‘Digital’ in Open Policy Making?

Digital tools are often mentioned as key to opening up policy making.  After all, they provide policy makers with powerful new ways of connecting with the people they serve.  But, as Simon Burall, Director of Involve, made clear to the Public Administration Select Committee, putting information on the internet won’t necessarily lead to greater engagement […]

BIS Digital Engagement Case Study Series: Updating and simplifying consumer rights | digital@BIS

A great write-up of an interesting open policymaking collaboration between teams at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, opening up a policy consultation about consumer rights to a wider audience through clear language, active outreach and straightforward methods to respond: We knew that the core stakeholders – those with a specific interest such as […]

EU policy evaluation should make greater use of interpretative, qualitative research methods.

A view on how policy evaluation should work in the EU, with lessons for how we do it in the UK as well, from the LSE. How should the EU’s policies be evaluated? Using the case of EU Cohesion Policy, Julian Hörner and Paul Stephenson outline some of the main theoretical principles that underline EU […]

Doing good policy-making at pace – could the ‘agile’ approach help?

It’s a much-observed fact that the policy environment often moves faster than the typical months-long (or even years-long) process that generates a published policy document, like a white paper. In this IFG evidence paper, a range of interviewees made clear that existing guidance and models of policy-making are too distant from real-world policy-making to be […]

Merry Christmas from the Cabinet Office Open Policy Making Team

Merry Christmas from the Open Policy Making Team! We are a relatively new team in the Cabinet Office, set up in response to the Civil Service Reform Plan to help improve policy-making capability in Government. So far, we’ve been doing more listening than talking: following the fascinating discussions in this space, elsewhere online, and having […]