Building an open government movement – why it matters for public participation

This post originally appeared on Involve’s blog. A presentation I gave to Involve’s board of trustees last week prompted me to collect together these thoughts on why I think open government matters to public participation, and the opportunity and challenge of building an open government movement. Why open government matters to public participation Starting at the […]

Consultation principles and open policy making: a view from Sciencewise

This post originally appeared on the Sciencewise Expert Resource Centre. The Government has recently launched a new set of Consultation Principles, which replaces the Code of Practice on Consultation from July 2008. Consultation is, of course, quite distinct from public dialogue. While the former typically engages people late in the policy-making process on often relatively technical […]

Calling Civil Servants: Open and Collaborative Policy Making Training Course

The Civil Service Reform plan and, open policy making in particular have sparked a lot of discussion both within and outside the Civil Service. I think these discussions are important and I’m really excited that more of them seem to be happening. Civil Service Learning (CSL) have put together some training courses on this topic, […]