The Act of Killing (film)

Critically acclaimed new film, The Act of Killing plays at Dukes at Komedia, Brighton on Tuesday 06 and Wednesday 07 August The Act of Killing is a new documentary by Joshua Oppenheimer in which a group of unrepentant former members of Indonesian death squads are challenged to re-enact some of their many murders in the […]

Citizens Agenda – making local democracy more relevant

The Pitch – A Citizen’s Agenda Item At City Camp Brighton, I made the winning pitch of a citizens agenda item on the local council meeting agenda. The pitch won and got feedback that this idea would be most likely to create a citywide, sustainable change which benefits people. If you want to see the […]

Benefits of Citizen Engagement: a (Brief) Review of the Evidence

This post is by Tiago Peixoto, and originally appeared on his blog DemocracySpot. Thanks to him for permission to repost here. He writes: I am working on a brief literature review on the benefits of participation, focusing on its different types of impact. Most of it (but not entirely) relates to participatory budgeting. Below are a […]

Consultation overload

Government consultations don’t stand on their own – they compete in a marketplace of political engagement opportunities national, local, formal and informal. An interesting snapshot of how crowded that marketplace is comes from Brighton & Hove, where the strategic partnership have undertaken an audit of all “significant or major” consultation activity planned across the local […]

Hangout generation

Just had a great Skype meeting with a couple of people working on participation elsewhere in Europe. One was in Madrid, but about to move to Kraków, the other in Milan but about to move to Abruzzo. Neither of these moves, or the fact that I was in Brighton, disrupted the planning we were doing […]