20 things from UK GovCamp (#ukgc12)

As suggested by Dan Slee, here are twenty of the things I learned at UKGovCamp. (“We” here refers to GovCamp attenders and fellow-travellers rather than Demsoc). 1. GDS is getting big and getting mainstream. It feels like for the past couple of years we’ve been playing with a cute little puppy called “Gov.uk”, and all […]

Consultation: don’t do it like this (part 94)

The BBC is reporting that two schools in Peacehaven, near Brighton, are to merge despite 95% of responses to the consultation on the proposals being against. I’m assuming here that the consultation was a statutory box to tick, and that the decision had in practice been taken, and budgets set, rather than that the council joyously […]

Finding all of the interesting data within one local authority area

This new project from Paul Evans looks good: I’ve never seen anyone try to pull together a good index of all of the relevant and interesting data that is available within one local authority area with the aim of giving school pupils something to work with, so over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing […]

Is occupying the answer?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us, but I’ve been paying attention to the Occupy protests that have been going on in Manhattan, London and elsewhere. There are two interesting blog posts on the topic today, one from Paul Mason at the BBC, and the other from Anthony Painter at LabourList. On the […]

Creative Councils: report from Birmingham

Demsoc Governor Catherine Howe has written up our recent trip to Birmingham as part of the We Live Here Creative Councils project, which we’re undertaking with Brighton & Hove City Council, the Brighton & Hove CVSF, Podnosh and Catherine’s company Public-i. Here’s a sample: Two immediate things struck me from the experience, the first was the fact […]

CityForum Brighton & Hove launch

One of our current projects is a project called CityForum Brighton & Hove, a trial run for a series of citywide participation events, sponsored by the University of Brighton. We held a launch event in the midst of a torrential downpour last week, and Demsoc governor Catherine Howe has written it up for the Demsoc […]

Creative Councils: to the judges’ houses

I’m really pleased to say that Brighton & Hove’s Creative Councils bid (with Demsoc as partners, along with Public-i, Podnosh and the Brighton & Hove Community and Voluntary Sector Forum) has been long-listed for NESTA’s Creative Councils fund. This means that we now go into a brief development phase, with support from NESTA, leading to […]

Rallying the troops – or deluding themselves?

I’m really not sure what to make of this surprising article by Katie Ghose at LeftFootForward. Ms Ghose led the AV referendum‘s “Yes” campaign, and insists that – but for the small matter of being roundly trounced at the polls and hence failing to meet its only real objective – it was a great success […]