Assault on Reason by Al Gore

I’ve just finished reading Assault on Reason, Al Gore’s 2007 book subtitled How the Politics of Fear, Secrecy and Blind Faith Subvert Wise Decision-making and Democracy. You might think, given the Society’s interest in wise decision-making and democracy, that this would have been an interesting read. Unfortunately, it disappointed, being 352 pages of Al Gore […]

Trade union merger

The Unite trade union is merging with an American trade union, as the BBC reports. This will mean, I’m sure, difficulties between the UK and US arms in terms of voting rights, policy positions, etc. Will their decision making be the trade union version of the EU – compromise building between independent bodies – or […]

The muddled democracy of the Lisbon referendum

I’ve already written here about the mixed messages that come out of the Irish referendum result – and the waters are muddied further by opinion polling (reported by Mark Mardell) that suggests almost three quarters of Irish voters saw the no vote as a the start of a negotiation rather than a final answer. Today, […]

Is there a democratic case for the EU?

Henry Farrell of Crooked Timber writes a piece at the Monkey Cage, on making the political and democratic case for the EU. He starts from the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which is happening tomorrow. The No campaign is pushing hard on issues of nationalism and expoliting anti-politician feeling. The Yes campaign, with most political parties behind it, is saying … what?