NHS Citizen – going to the next level on mental health services

We’ve been at the NHS Citizen Assembly Stocktake meeting, which is the last event of the first year of NHS Citizen, and although NHS Citizen is still in the design phases, it looks like it’s already starting to make a difference. During the design process, we created a prototype to gather opinions and ideas around […]

Disrupt Mental Health

‘Disrupt mental health’ is the first in a series of social disruption programs designed to give vulnerable groups a voice in both Parliament and Whitehall. The program of disruptions will eventually cover fifteen overlapping groups of citizens including those with drug addictions, the homeless, and care leavers. Unlike top-down consultations, the program is designed to […]

Submission to the Smith Commission

The deadline for submissions to Lord Smith of Kelvin’s Commission investigating further devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament is about to pass. The Democratic Society has submitted a short letter to the Commission requesting that the Cross Party Committee follows a participative and involving process to ensure the views of the Scottish people are properly considered. […]

GovCamp Cymru 2014

On Saturday 27th of September 2014 Cardiff played host to the first ever GovCamp in Wales. Govcamp, already a regular event in other parts of the UK, is an ‘unconference’ where participants set the agenda, host discussions, share their expertise and work on identifying and solving problems in Government. The predominant, but not single, focus […]

Tilly’s reflections on NHS Citizen’s design days in Leeds

Over the course of two days in Leeds the NHS team was joined by a fantastic team of citizens to work through the entire design for NHS Citizen: Discover; Gather; and Assembly. As always this was a huge learning experience for us, I believe we’ve taken some very important steps forward and I have a […]

Designing Assembly Membership

By Houda Davis, Involve Over the last Sprint, I have been on a journey through academic and practice literature on deliberative public engagement with a focus on popular assemblies. I have been particularly interested in what NHS Citizen might learn about how to form a broad, inclusive and representative membership, which actively supports participation beyond […]

Linking local, regional and national Patient Voices – Kate Ansell

Guest blog by Kate Ansell (Chairman – West Midlands PV&I Group) As a keen ambassador for Public Voice from people who are actually using our health services – rather than their representatives from various charities and societies – I have been giving some thought to how it might be possible to link the local voice with […]