My 10 things about NHS Citizen

Post from Andrew Brightwell, Public-i This is a quick post with my reflections about NHS Citizen, a project I’m working on at the moment you can find out more about here. 1. NHS Citizen, as well as the NHS, can be better at accessibility: We talked in the assembly session about making information accessible – and […]

Reflections on NHS Citizen

This is going to be a brief post from me, my reflections on the experience of the NHS Expo in Manchester, the testing, and the launch of NHS Citizen. Citizens My first thoughts are, and must be, about the citizens who were involved in the process: 1. People have dedicated their time and energy to […]

10 thoughts from #Expo14NHS

We’re all posting short, unedited personal reflections on our two days at the NHS Innovation Expo. Here are my ten. Everyone talks about health and social care integration, but the social care world was basically not there. The audiences for NHS Citizen, the number of ideas presented, and the enthusiasm which people had for it […]

#NHSCitizen at NHS Board

After the NHS Citizen presence at the Expo, including two events with three of the board members, we’re expecting NHS Citizen to be talked about at the NHS Board meeting tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 9.30 – we’re under item four. We don’t know what they’ll say, whether they’ll be complimentary or critical, but the live […]