From Gather to the Assembly Meeting: what’s the issue?

Yesterday we began our first test of the Gather Space of NHS Citizen. The aim was to identify what ideas people engaging with NHS Citizen think are important enough to considered for the first test of the Assembly Meeting today. If you’d like to know more about the test, about NHS Citizen and the three […]

Launch Event – NHS Expo

by Emma Daniel from Public-i Today at the NHS Expo 2014 the exciting NHS Citizen model was launched. Interestingly, before the model is finished. The team working with NHS England are working very much in public and in live time. The purpose of the model is to increase accountability to citizens of the NHS England […]

Gather Space @ the NHS Expo

During the first of our sessions at the NHS Expo 2014, service users, patient reps, service providers and carers all came together to talk about the issues they believe that NHS Citizen should be talking about. Like our online Gather Space, people came forward to say what they felt NHS Citizen and the NHS England […]

Your Feedback – NHS Citizen Gather

On Wednesday 20th February we launched the test version of the NHS Citizen Gather space and on Friday 21st we began to ask people to submit their ideas on what NHS Citizen should be talking about and for feedback on the site. Gather will give people opportunities to work together around particular issues, either those that NHS bodies want […]