How effective is the Open Government Partnership? Should the EU get involved?

The OGP is a partnership between national governments and the wider public, working together to develop ways of increasing public participation in government and make government more transparent and accountable. The UK has been involved since 2011, and many other countries in Europe and around the world are too.   So, if this partnership is […]

Your chance to make Government more open!

By Beth Wiltshire, 17th March 2016 What is the ‘Open Government Partnership National Action Plan’? As a member of the global Open Government Partnership, every two years the UK government in collaboration with civil society must develop an Open Government National Action Plan, setting out specific, measurable and time bound commitments to reforms to create a more […]

Help us shape the UK Open Government Partnership National Action Plan

The UK ‘Open Government Partnership National Action Plan’ is a biennial plan developed between civil society organisations and the UK government to decide how to open up government. We at the Democratic Society are the lead for developing the civic participation strand of the next plan, and we’re keen to get input from as many […]