Democratic Participation in a Citizen’s Europe: What Next for the EU?

Read the conference report: Democratic Participation in a Citizen’s Europe: What Next for the EU

This conference was about assessing, exploring, and developing public participation in EU decision-making. This was a timely conversation to be having amidst the multiple challenges faced by the EU.

The event was co-organised by The Democratic Society; The Liverpool European Law Unit- University of Liverpool; and The European Citizens’ Initiative Campaign; with as media partners.

The conference drew together a diverse range of democracy activists from across the UK and Europe. Participants included campaigners, academics and policy makers who collaborated together to create promising ideas.

The discussion built on learning from diverse approaches to participation including citizens’ initiatives and petitions, deliberative forums, referendums, campaigning and citizen lobbying, stakeholder consultation, protest movements and more.

Thought-provoking presentations from leading thinkers on public participation fed into participatory workshops designed to share and strengthen both formal and informal tools and think about how to ensure full, constructive and responsible involvement of EU citizens.


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