Strengthening democracy and local governance in the Eastern Partnership Countries

We are working with the Council of Europe on a thematic programme “Strengthening institutional frameworks for local governance” for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus.

Our work involves us directly working with 6 local municipalities supporting mayors in promoting more ethical and transparent governance, and using tools and techniques which will foster active citizen participation in local decision-making processes.

As part of this project, we are a member of the Community of Practice on local democracy in the Eastern Partnership Countries. Working with a range of experts and practitioners in the fields of local governance and ethics, representatives of national associations of local authorities and civil society, we are providing specific international expertise on citizen engagement and participatory democracy.

The municipalities we are supporting are:

Aygepat – Armenia, who are working to

  1. create an integrated public information system to make community related information accessible for all,
  2. develop a communications plan for the municipality and make citizen engagement continuous, and to
  3. improve participation of citizens in the affairs of the local community.

Kamir Aghek – Armenia, whose objectives are

  1. to sustain and improve civil societies ability to engage citizens and for them to articulate their interests in local self-governance,
  2. to strengthen capacity to monitor the local government institutions and officials, and
  3. to promote effective accountable and participatory local governance aiming to adopt meaningful dialogue processes.

Tashir – Armenia, who are working to

  1. increase the level of awareness of citizens about municipalities work, and
  2. provide technical means to facilitate communication between the municipality and the public.

Dusheti – Georgia. The goal of this project is to increase transparency and accountability of the Dusheti Municipality through modern communication methods that promote citizen participation. Specifically, to

  1. implement innovative technologies that will increase citizen awareness on municipal services and participation opportunities,
  2. improve the qualifications of local civil servants and improve the quality of municipal services, and
  3. establish participatory and partnership-based relations between citizens and civil servants through social media.

Kaspi – Georgia.  Who are working to improve the quality of service by informing and involving the citizens in the process of implementing self-government. The municipality is working to

  1. Activate rural population by creating consulting-community groups
  2. Increase citizen participation and promote their involvement through raising awareness and encouraging direct communication with the Governor, and
  3. Raising the quality of services of civil servants through training

Nemishaieve – Ukraine.  This projects plan includes the

  1. development of young people and the elder generation for self and community development, establishing contacts between different generations and opportunities for implementation of joint practical initiatives;
  2. introduction of transparency for Nemishaieve town council through information on activities, “local referendums”, a Skype reception of citizens by the Mayor and open access to work for the collective body (including the Youth Council and Council of Elders);
  3. co-producing an ethics guide with the community
  4. developing community involvement in a participatory budget process
  5. and producing a transparent personnel policy which includes, recruitment, training, publishing vacancies through the platform and showing competitive selection on-line.

If you wish to know more about these projects or our work in Europe, please email us at


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